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Writing and Communication Center

The Writing and Communication Center is located on the 1st floor in the Student Success Center at Hill Hall. Our peer and professional writing tutors offer writing, reading, and communication assistance to all WSSU students, faculty, and staff. We can help with writing projects, speeches and oral presentations, resumes, cover letters, personal statements, and visuals for incorporation into a paper or a presentation for any course.

  • We will work with you at any point in the writing process from brainstorming through final revisions, to developing an outline, and perfecting your presentation style.
  • The Writing and Communication Center staff are not editors. Instead, we are collaborators. Our goal is to build skills that will help you become a more confident, self-sufficient writer, reader, and communicator.

Unlock the power of student success with our Peer Tutors!

  • Relatable Experts: Our peer tutors have not only aced the very courses they're tutoring but have walked the path you're on.
  • Top-of-the-Class: With outstanding academic credentials, they bring a deep, firsthand understanding of the subjects at hand.
  • Handpicked for Excellence: Our selection process is rigorous - involving faculty endorsements, careful screening of applications, and one-on-one interviews. Join us and learn from the best!

   Unleash your Genius with the expertise of our Professional Tutors!

  • Highly Qualified: Our tutors are more than just professionals; they come equipped with academic degrees, certifications, and specialized training tailored for your tutoring needs.
  • Educators at Heart: With backgrounds as teachers or educators, they blend formal instruction with real-world insights from their respective fields.
  • Masters of Their Domain: Dive deep with tutors who bring comprehensive knowledge to every session.
  • Elite Selection Process: Professional tutors are chosen and hired based on applications, subject matter, GPA, interviews, and excellent references.


Ready to elevate your learning journey? Whether you're a planner or a spur-of-the-moment learner, we've got you covered!

  • Flexibility at its Best: Choose between scheduled appointments or spontaneous walk-ins, either in-person or online, during our operation hours.
  • Get Set in a Click: Hop onto WCOnline and simply select the Writing and Communication Center to book your slot.

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