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Subject Tutoring

Subject tutoring is provided for selected math, science, business, social science, humanities, and education courses. Subject tutoring is conducted by peer tutors and professional consultants.  They will provide you with assistance in understanding the course content as well as strategies for study skills and time management. 

Peer Tutors

  • Peer tutors are currently enrolled WSSU students who have successfully completed the course for which he or she is providing assistance with a final course grade of “B” or better.
  • They have strong academic skills and a deep understanding of the supported courses.
  • Tutors are selected based upon applications, faculty recommendations, and interviews.

Professional Consultants

  • Professional consultants have earned undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in the subject area for which they are providing assistance.
  • They are selected based upon applications and interviews.


  • Please note that face-to-face appointments are limited because of Covid-19.
  • The majority of tutoring sessions will occur by way of Zoom.
  • Make an appointment with a peer tutor or professional consultant using Navigate.
  • Make an appointment with a non-WSSU professional tutor using UpSwing.

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