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Application Process

Applying for the Pre-Professional Phase

  1. 1. Complete the WSSU Admissions Application Form available online or downloadable. Check the box for CLS Distance Learning and NOT the box for CLS as the intended major. WSSU Application (downloadable form for mailing).
  2. Pay the WSSU Application Fee preferably by credit card online.
  3. Complete the Initial CLS Program Application.
  4. Request 2 official copies of transcripts from any college or university you have attended.

Note: If you apply to WSSU while you are completing your MLT associate degree you will need to send an updated transcript after you have earned your associates degree in MLT. You must be a graduate of a NAACLS-approved MLT program to begin Professional Phase of the WSSU MLT to CLS DL Program.

Items 1 & 2 are completed online. Items 3 & 4 should be mailed to:

Ms. Lelita Roberts-McKelvin, MT (ASCP), MAED/CI
Coordinator, WSSU MLT to CLS Distance Learning Program
Clinical Laboratory Science Department
Room 401, F.L. Atkins Building
Winston-Salem State University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27110
Fax: 336-750-2517

For further information please contact Ms. Sandra Dowd at 336-750-8708.

Applying for the Professional Phase

When you are within 1 semester of completing the Pre-Professional Phase you may apply for acceptance into the Professional Phase of the WSSU MLT to CLS Distance Learning Program

  1. Submit three MLT to CLS DL Reference Forms from former instructors or supervisors.
  2. Submit the CLS Information Sheet
  3. Verification of Certification through the National Student Clearing House (NSC).

These items should be mailed to the address above.