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RN-to-BSN Orientation

RN-BSN Online Orientation Survey

Upon completion of the RN-BSN Online Orientation, we would appreciate your feedback regarding the orientation. Please complete the Confidential Survey as soon as possible.

RN-BSN Orientation Presentation (Spring 2017)

New RN-BSN students for spring 2017 are required to complete the online orientation. We recommend that you complete this as soon as possible. You will need your WSSU email address.

Creating your account and your login for the online orientation. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding to the the orientation login page.

  1. Select 'Create New Account'
  2. Member type is 'Student'
  3. Enter your Banner ID
  4. Select "RN-BSN" for Student Type
  5. Enter your WSSU email address as your email
  6. Complete all other fields and click 'Submit'
  7. You are now ready to start the WSSU Online Orientation.

Student Services

This document provides a brief overview of the services offered to students in the RN-to-BSN program. Please review this document before completing the modules below.

Contact Information

Accounts and Billing | 336-750-2812 |

Blackboard Issues | 877-730-6238 |

Disability Services | 336-750-8658 |

Distance Learning Librarian | 336-750-8933 |

Financial Aid | 336-750-3296 |

Registration | 336-750-3331 |

Technology Issues | 336-750-3431

Navigating the Modules

There are six modules below. When possible, each module contains a video, a transcript of the video, and the slides from the video.