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India has a population of 1.28 billion. As a developing nation, an important challenge to safeguard health is to raise the level of nutrition, standard of living, and public health care delivery to citizens. The majority of India’s population resides in rural areas, and access to health care is difficult. Economic and social factors contribute to health disparities alongside the growth in healthcare and medical technologies.

Health Information Systems Programmes (HISP) India
An online platform for public health information in India coordinated by Health Information Systems Programmes (HISP), a global health network of the University of Oslo, Norway. 

India Healthcare
A study of healthcare quality and outcomes in India, and a vision for improving health outcomes by the McKinsey Group prepared for the Confederation of Indian Industry.


India Healthstat
Socio-economic statistics on health in India from a variety of secondary sources.

India Towards Universal Health Coverage
A series of articles on health coverage in India from The Lancet, an online journal on various dimensions of global health. Many articles are available free of charge with registration.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
This is the official Government of India Web site for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with information on official health policies, major programs, health statistics, as well as reports and documents.

National Health Systems Resource Center
A collaboration between the World Health Organization and the Indian government with the goal to improve health outcomes by facilitating governance reform, health systems innovations and improved information sharing at the national, state, district and sub-district levels.

Public Health Foundation of India
This organization provides educational and research programs as well as training and support to promote public health, and to improve social cultural and economic determinants of health in India.

World Health Organization - India
The World Health Organization provides current statistics on health in India as well as a country profile.