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Jamia Millia Islamia University

JMI has emerged as a strong partnering institution that, like WSSU, serves a minority student demographic. WSSU faculty fellow in the NEH seminar visited JMI in August 2013, following which WSSU and JMI have exchanged visiting scholars, team-taught a video technology course, and are developing other teaching and research collaborations.

Program for the visit of WSSU NEH faculty fellows in Summer 2013 

Visiting Scholar at WSSU: Dr. Badrul Alam, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, JMI, to WSSU in Fall 2014.

Visiting Scholar at JMI: Dr. Rose Sackeyfio, Associate Professor of English, WSSU, to JMI in Spring 2015.

WSSU was awarded the UNC-India Technology Learning Grant to develop and teach a course on “World Literature and Culture” in collaboration with the department of English at JMI. Team taught by Dr. Rose A. Sackeyfio (WSSU) and Dr. Mohammed Asaduddin (JMI), This course explores cross-cultural themes from Africa and the African Diaspora, Indian and South Asian Literature and Culture. Students are introduced to comparative perspectives from diverse cultures and minorities in South Asia and the African Diaspora through the examination of race, class and gender issues within a historical context. The shared course readings highlight similarities of Dalit caste status and the African American struggle for racial equality. For students at both institutions, the course fosters developing global competence through first-hand knowledge of their respective countries and cultures. The course is taught through Video/Conference Technology and synchronous learning activities that highlight selected literary works and related cultural products across cultures.

Global Understanding Course Overview 

Visiting Scholar at WSSU, Dr. Mohammed Asaduddin, Professor of English, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Languages, and Honorary Director of Academics at JMI visited WSSU in Spring and Fall 2015.

Visit to WSSU in Spring 2015

Visit to WSSU in Fall 2015