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Politics & Governments & International Relations

India is presently the world’s largest constitutional democracy that includes a Parliament, laws and judicial institutions, numerous political parties and free elections. India’s diversity and its consolidated democracy are the country’s greatest strengths even as it confronts a variety of challenges. The Constitution of India was adopted in 1950, three years after independence from Britain.


Embassy of India
Site of the Embassy of India in Washington, DC, USA.

Governance Now
This is a multi-media initiative for participatory reporting and analyses related to governance of all institutions and processes that are vital to public life in India. Its editorial team comprises senior journalists, citizen journalists, and guest writers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds who are dedicated to transparency and accountability in national public life.

Government of India
Useful and updated information about the government of India, from Wikipedia.

India CIA Fact Book
An overview of India’s system of government from the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s World Fact Book.


India Country Study - Foreign Relations
United States Library of Congress publication on Indian Foreign relations.

India Country Study - Government and Politics
United States Library of Congress publication on Indian Government and Politics.

India’s Politics
An introduction to the Indian political system, published by AsiaInfo.

Politics of India
Useful and updated information on Indian politics, from Wikipedia.

The Government of India
The official portal of the Government of India