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Mission, Program and Activities

The mission of Winston-Salem State University Office of International Programs is to initiate, coordinate, and execute programs and activities to enable Winston-Salem State University to accomplish the strategic goals embodied in its Strategic Plan 2010-2015 titled: Achieving Academic Distinction: The Plan for Student Success. In particular, its vision produces graduates of distinction who will lead and serve an ever-increasing global community. The office seeks to facilitate curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities to equip graduates with knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to function as globally competent citizens. WSSU students will develop a global perspective so that upon graduation they will be able to:

  • Understand the connection between people from diverse cultures.
  • Develop awareness of global environmental resources and issues.
  • Understand how their own behavior affects and is affected by larger world patterns.
  • Develop insights into alternative world views.

Programs and Activities

To achieve its mission, the Office of International Programs will work actively with students, faculty, staff, and the University Administration to develop and coordinate a variety of programs and activities.

  1. Internationalizing the Curriculum
    1. Integrating global knowledge and skills in the general education curriculum and in the majors and program areas.
    2. Supporting faculty development and engagement with internationalization of the curriculum and mentoring students for effective global citizenship.
    3. Strengthening foreign language education on campus and through study abroad.
    4. Developing new academic programs with a global focus.
  2. Experience Abroad
    1. Developing and maintaining opportunities for education abroad for students in all disciplines.
    2. Preparing students for experiences abroad through advising about the application process and orientation activities.
    3. Facilitating scholarships, financial aid and other resources for study abroad.
    4. Supporting faculty involvement in education abroad and the development of faculty-led study abroad experiences.
  3. International Students
    1. Working with the Admissions Office, Enrollment Management, Student Services, and academic departments to facilitate the process of international student admissions, registration, housing and other essential services.
    2. Providing effective international student and scholar advising to support integration into campus life and connecting them with surrounding community and services.
    3. Providing opportunities for international students and faculty to participate in social and cultural activities on and off campus.
    4. Supporting reintegration of students upon return from education abroad.
  4. Co-curricular Activities
    1. Exposing students to sources of local and global diversity on and off campus through activities such as lectures and other educational activities by WSSU faculty, including international faculty, and visiting scholars.
    2. Providing opportunities for students who participate in experiences abroad and international students to make presentations on campus.
    3. Collaborating with other campus academic and administrative units to organize international educational and cultural activities.
    4. Collaborating with community groups, including local schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, as well as local community-based organizations, such as those representing immigrant groups and refugees, to organize multi-cultural and globally-oriented programming and activities.
  5. Administrative Support, Resources and Infrastructure
    1. Developing and maintaining an effective organizational structure and acquiring adequate funding and resources to govern and manage international educational activities.
    2. Developing and maintaining adequate and appropriate facilities, equipment and staff for international programs to serve students and faculty.