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Who's a RAM?

The Man Behind the Camera

garms-behind-camera.jpgGarrett Garms ‘07 is a man of few words, and a producer of beautiful photography. He is responsible for thousands of fantastic images of WSSU students, our campus, our faculty and staff, our athletics competitions, and all other special events on campus.

Garrett is someone that seems to have more hours in a day than most of us, because you see him at every event! One minute he’s on the field, next you’ll see him on top of a building. What you thought was a bird flying oddly in the sky was really him flying his drone to capture a creative overhead view of campus. Garrett Garms allows his photos to do the talking for him. Get to know a little more about him below.

What is your current position?
Visual Specialist (University Photographer)

What year did you graduate?garms-pilot-mtn.jpg

What was your major?
Management Information Systems

Why did you choose Winston-Salem State University?
An employee of WSSU highly recommended that I apply to the school. I am from Winston-Salem, so WSSU seemed like a good choice. I applied and was offered a partial scholarship that was later changed to a full Chancellor’s Scholarship.

What is your best memory of school?
I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a mini-study abroad to West Africa, Benin, and Ghana for a month. Later in my junior year I was able to do a full study abroad for a semester in Fiji! Those have to be some of my fondest memories.

What advice would you give our students today?
I would tell students of today and the future to make the most out of your time while you are in school. Enjoy yourself but also apply yourself and definitely do a study abroad if you have the opportunity and means.

What was most important to you during your college years? Now?
In school, taking advantage of opportunities that came my way. Now, it’s spending time with family and friends and doing things that I enjoy.

garms-black-bg.jpgWho was the most influential person during your time WSSU?
There was no one person. The professors that I had here were phenomenal. Due to the smaller classroom sizes, I received more personalized attention. That made my experience amazing.

What is an unknown fact about you that would surprise most people?

I like a wide variety of music, and apparently, I can be funny.

List your motto or notable words that best describe you?
The words that I have gotten from others to describe myself are eccentric and enigma.

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