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Title IX


The federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions is Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 (amending the Higher Education Act of 1965). This act is codified as Title 20, United States Code, Chapter 38, Sections 1681-1686. The act was also amended by the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 ("Title IX"). Winston-Salem State University is committed to complying with the letter of the law and has created this document as an informational resource for University officials who are directly affected.

Title IX requires agencies to:

  • Designate a Title IX Coordinator;
  • Insure proper training of the coordinator;
  • Notify all students and employees of that individual's identity;
  • Adopt and publish procedures for handling Title IX complaints;
  • Regularly notify the public that the institution does not discriminate on the basis of sex;
  • Provide assurances to federal funding agencies that it doesn't discriminate upon notice of federal award; and
  • have conducted a self-evaluation within a year of the effective date of the regulations. (1975)

Every year, the EEO/AA Office in conjunction with Legal Affairs will request a compliance update from each of the affected University officials. These updates will serve two purposes:

  • The annual, cooperative review of Title IX compliance issues within their department;
  • Ongoing review of processes and implementation of remedies to bring deficient departments into compliance.

Each University official will be required to sign a document stating either:

  • Their department is in compliance; or
  • Their department is not in compliance.

Should the department not be in compliance, the University official will be required to:

  • Identify the specific areas of deficiency; and
  • Deliver a plan for correcting the deficiency with a timetable for correction.

The areas of focus for these reviews include, but are not limited to:

  • admissions
  • recruitment
  • financial aid
  • academic programs
  • employment
  • physical education
  • athletics
  • counseling and guidance
  • discipline
  • classroom assignment
  • grading
  • vocational education
  • recreation
  • housing
  • student treatment and services