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Secondary Employment

Scope: Applies to all probationary, permanent, or time-limited SHRA employees.

Purpose: Governs secondary employment of SHRA employees.


The employment responsibilities to the State are primary for any employee working full-time; any other employment in which that person chooses to engage is secondary. An employee shall have approval from the University before engaging in any secondary employment. The purpose of this approval procedure is to determine that the secondary employment does not have an adverse effect on the primary employment and does not create a conflict of interest. These provisions for secondary employment apply only to non-State sources of income and do not include a second job or assignment paid from State funds; those conditions are covered by the policy on Dual Employment.

Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Secondary employment shall not be permitted when it would:
    • create either directly or indirectly a conflict of interest with the primary employment.
    • impair in any way the employee's ability to perform all expected duties, to make decisions and carry out in an objective fashion the responsibilities of the employee's position.
  2. The employee shall have University approval before beginning any secondary employment. If approved, there shall be periodic review during the time of secondary employment for any adverse effects; approval of secondary employment may be withdrawn at any time.
  3. The University shall establish its own specific criteria for approval of secondary employment based on work situation needs. Established criteria shall be subject to review and approval of the State Personnel Commission as to justification for and fairness to employees.
  4. Employee request for approval of secondary employment, accompanied by required supporting information, shall be treated confidentially for all purposes other than review and action by appropriate officials; secondary employment is a private matter of the individual employee in all other respects.