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Separation - Exit Interview

Scope: All terminating Winston-Salem State University employees.

Purpose: To provide a process for terminating employees to complete all university obligations prior to the release of the employee's final paycheck.


All employees, except those who are separated involuntarily, must provide their immediate supervisor a written statement outlining their intention regarding termination at least two weeks before the last day of work.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying the Director of Human Resources immediately upon receipt of a voluntary resignation notice or the date of an involuntary separation.

The supervisor shall schedule an exit interview for the terminating employee with the Director of Human Resources prior to separation. Faculty should schedule an exit interview with his/her department chair. The exit interview involves completion of the exit survey indicating the employee's future plans and reasons for leaving the university. The Exit Interview is required in voluntary resignations and is recommended in cases of involuntary separation.

Items that must be returned to the responsible area or immediate supervisor include but are not limited to:

  • Overdue library books (requires clearance from the O'Kelly Library)
  • Keys - building, classroom, storeroom, desk, file cabinet, storage cabinet, equipment, etc.
  • Requisitioned books or supplies
  • American Express Card
  • Diners Club Card
  • Office supplies or equipment
  • Media Equipment
  • Tools
  • ID cards

In addition, the following clearances must be obtained from the appropriate sources:

  • Bookstore charges
  • Parking tickets
  • Computer codes