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Work Schedule

Scope: Applies to all SHRA employees.

Purpose: To clarify standard work hours for SHRA employees as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


The standard work week for full-time employees subject to the Subject to the State Human Resources Act is forty hours per week and the normal daily work schedule is five days per week, eight hours a day plus a meal period. Other schedules apply to part-time employees and some shift employees.

The meal period may be scheduled within the normal work hours to meet the needs of the employee and the working unit but may not be used to shorten the workday. A bona fide meal period is a span of at least 30 consecutive minutes during which an employee is completely relieved of duty. It is not counted as hours worked. Any so-called "meal period" of less than 30 consecutive minutes must be considered as hours worked for employees who are non-exempt as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Supervisors are responsible for arranging operating procedures that are consistent with the needs of the University and the public it serves, and at the same time can accommodate, as far as possible, the employee's choice of daily work schedule within the established time limits. But, under no circumstances is an employee allowed to take lunchtime during the last hour of the workday.

If an employee leaves work early without permission, the time shall be deducted from the employee's leave pay or may be charged to the appropriate leave account if justified.

An employee may not work later than scheduled unless the supervisor has approved it due to workload.

Supervisors shall be responsible for taking appropriate action to correct any abuse of the work schedule.