The Office of Continuing Education offers noncredit personal and professional development courses which reflect and anticipate the changing nature of society. University admission is not required.

Non- Degree Seeking Applicants

During the spring, summer and fall semesters, individuals have an opportunity to be admitted as Non-degree seeking students. Winston-Salem State University assumes no responsibility for determining a student’s course selection when the credits are to be transferred to another institution. Students may enroll in no more than 12 semester hours. Students are also not eligible for financial aid under this status. Credits obtained in this manner will not count towards a degree until a student has met the admission requirements through the Freshman or Transfer process.

Test Prep Academy

Each Fall and Spring, we conduct test prep classes available to the general public for SAT, GRE, and LSAT.

The Test Prep Academy is open to the general public, and prepares students for the most critical national exams. See below for course dates, times, and costs. To enroll, please register using our online store. Note that registration is first-come, first-serve and that the course you are interested in may fill up quickly. If space is available, the last chance to register is 3 full business days before the first day of class. A new set of classes occurs once per semester, and is generally announced in August (for Fall) and December (for Spring) of each year. For questions, contact James Pao, Continuing Education Program Manager, at (336)750-3410 or

Our instructors are credentialed to teach test preparation. Every instructor has completed both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree or Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Most importantly, each instructor has a track record of providing successful test prep instruction to hundreds of students over the course of the last 16+ years. They are teachers at heart who are dedicated to helping you succeed, and are well-versed in explaining all of the tips, tricks, and strategies for you to truly excel. We limit our class sizes to 12 students to ensure you are given the time and attention you need.

“He did a great job in breaking down answers in an easier way for a student to understand.” – GRE student, anonymous evaluation, May 2016

“[The instructor] made sure we had time for any questions and was very enthusiastic about the class which made me more motivated to do the exercises.” - GRE student Keya D., May 2016

“I was admitted to Honors College at NC State. I start this week as a freshman. I definitely found your course helpful.” - SAT student Cindy B., August 2015

“The instructor made sure to clearly explain any problems that people didn't understand and also included everyone in the course while also not making each class feel rushed.” - GRE student, anonymous evaluation, November 2015

“He explained how the authors of the test think and he gave real advice to take with us on test day.” - LSAT student Haven P., November 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed the LSAT prep course you all offered. It was very well taught and extremely helpful. The instructor proved to be well versed in the subject matter and I was pleased with my overall experience.” - LSAT student Jillian J., April 2015


Professional Learning

Professional Learning courses address the needs of the working professional, and are typically scheduled in the evenings or weekends. These courses are for non-degree continuing education credit. Please note that course selection is seasonal and subject to availability. For the latest course offerings, contact us at or

To enroll in one of the courses below, if paying by credit card please register using the online store. If paying by check or money order, contact us at or

The deadline for registration is 3 full business days before the start of the first class.

Some of our most popular courses are:

Conflict Resolution
Media Communications Course for Coaches (CPR)

External Partners

We offer online courses through our approved external partners, ProTrain, Education To Go, and Center for Legal Studies which allows us to provide training for future professionals and skilled trades people for many in-demand occupations. Any of these courses that are completed online will be certified by Winston-Salem State University. Some of the most popular classes include:

Online Partners