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The Biotechnology minor paves your way for a high demand cutting-edge laboratory science career. You will be prepared for exciting work in drug discovery, development sciences, advanced biotechnology laboratory methodologies, and policies related to the approval process for new chemical entities and devices.

Graduates with this minor are sought for positions in bio-manufacturing, environmental remediation, food sciences, and biopharmaceutical sectors of the biotechnology industry. The programs provides detailed training in recombinant DNA technology, proteomics, receptor-based assays, bio-analysis, molecular modeling, and a basic understanding of social and ethical issues surrounding new product development.



Go ahead... take the next step. Ignite your passion, discover your strength, and prepare to make a difference in the world. There is no ceiling to what you can do at WSSU. #BeTheNext

WSSU's biotechnology program helped me realize my fascination with scientific research and bio-veterinary science. I had the chance to study abroad as part of the Duke University Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) Biology Summer Program in Costa Rica. Studying abroad allowed me to learn by doing science in a beautiful and challenging tropical setting.

Yasmin Wilson '17