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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics is everywhere. From our phones and our streaming services to the stars above us, math is vital to designing and understanding the world around us. As technology evolves and becomes more complex, there’s an unprecedented need for skilled mathematicians all over the world.

If you’re passionate about numbers and equations, earning a Bachelor of Science in Math degree from Winston-Salem State University is the first step on your journey to a rewarding career helping create the products we use every day or uncovering the secrets of the universe. In fact, 100% of our math graduates are accepted to graduate programs or employed within a year of graduation.

Mathematics degree options at Winston-Salem State University

The field of mathematics offers many specializations and exciting career tracks, so we designed our math degree program with two possible concentrations — giving you the freedom to create a course of study that aligns with your academic and career goals.

If you want to master the fundamentals of mathematics, our General Mathematics track is ideal. If you’re considering going into a career that requires statistical analysis, we offer a concentration in Statistics, which builds on the foundations of the general math track with advanced courses in statistics.

Earn Your Math Degree at Winston-Salem State University

When you major in math at WSSU, you’ll experience a high-quality education that balances mathematical theory with real-world applications to prepare you for a huge variety of careers in mathematics after graduation. As you work alongside experienced faculty and dedicated peers, you’ll accrue the skills and knowledge you need to become a truly great mathematician.

Get hands-on experience in mathematics

At WSSU we value the applicability of math to the real world, especially when it can help those in need. As you earn your math degree, you’ll have opportunities to engage in research and service-learning projects. Many students choose volunteer work, such as tutoring younger students in math, or take part in data analysis projects focused on solving public health crises like diabetes.

Experienced and industry-connected faculty

Thanks to our remarkable student-to-faculty ratio, you’ll get to work closely with highly distinguished faculty mentors who are committed to student-centered learning. You’ll benefit from their extensive years of experience working with organizations such as the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA.

A mathematics degree program with community

As you earn your degree in math at WSSU, you’ll get many opportunities to connect with fellow math majors and learn from successful guest speakers in our Mathematics and Statistics Club. You’ll also have opportunities to travel for conferences and educational events to make lasting professional connections.

What You Can Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Mathematicians are needed in nearly every industry, from education and healthcare to automobiles and finance. As a major in math at WSSU, you’ll graduate from a program with a 100% employment and graduate acceptance rate—giving you the best chance of finding your dream career after graduation.

You’ll also be well-prepared for advanced mathematics degree programs in specializations such as biostatistics, data science and business analytics.

When you graduate with a degree in mathematics from WSSU, you’ll be prepared to work in a broad range of jobs, including:

Systems engineer

Career outlook for Math graduates

When you choose to major in math, not only will you benefit from the immense satisfaction of following your passion—you’ll also enjoy amazing job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for mathematicians is expected to grow by 33% over the next decade, more than triple the average job growth for other occupations.

Explore Classes for the Mathematics Degree Program

As you earn your math degree at WSSU, you’ll build a strong foundation in topics such as the history of mathematics, programming and calculus. If you choose to concentrate in statistics, you’ll learn about biostatistics, survey research and experimental design.

Here are some of the unique courses you’ll take when you major in math at WSSU:

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Your Experience as a Mathematics Major at Winston-Salem State

Student Life at WSSU

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Support and Resources Available to You

When you choose to major in math at WSSU, you choose to become a member of our “Ramily” of students, faculty and alumni committed to equity and social justice across the world. Explore student life at WSSU, join a Black Greek Letter Organization and become inspired by experts and fellow students in The Ideas Lab @ The College.

A degree in mathematics from WSSU is an investment in yourself and the communities you will serve as a mathematician. We offer generous funding to support your efforts and help you achieve your dreams. In addition to scholarships reserved exclusively for math majors, you may also be eligible for university-wide funding.

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As a member of our Ramily, you’ll be supported by a dedicated team of Academic Career Counselors and have access to Career Development Services to prepare you to enter the job market and make sure you stand out from other applicants. You can also stay on top of campus events and deadlines with Student Success Technologies.

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Take the Next Step

Choosing to major in math at Winston-Salem State University means joining our ever-growing Ramily of like-minded students and faculty. It means exploring how mathematics can have real-world implications that make the world a more just place for everyone.

It means choosing to #BeTheNext great mathematician, statistician or researcher.

The Math department is great — the faculty were nurturing, supportive, and genuinely cared about my success.

Tracy F., Mathematics B.S. with teaching licensure in Secondary Mathematics Education

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Accreditation for Mathematics at WSSU