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Meet Amon the Ram 'Bot

Another Way to Connect to Your Success

Amon is a friendly and behaviorally smart chatbot that checks in with our students about their experience at Winston-Salem State University and provides resources for any challenges they might be facing. The chatbot will interact with Rams via text message and is named after our mascot, Amon. We are bringing Amon to life as a chatbot as another way to support students, answer their questions, and communicate important information throughout the school year. Think of Amon as a "Siri" built for WSSU. It is also a great way to hear student feedback and create a virtual community! Your community for life: welcome to WSSU’s inclusive network of support.

Who is Amon?

Amon is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) texting chatbot focused on student success at WSSU! Amon aims to involve our Rams in the conversation, answering their questions and helping to address any challenges they may face as a college student ... on-demand, 24/7. Amon serves as a resource for questions and connects students to support services and information regarding:

  • Academics (Tutors, Academic Advisors, Study Skills)
  • Financial Matters (Financial Aid, Filling out the FAFSA, Bill Payment Plans)
  • Student Life and Involvement Activities (Clubs, Organizations, Events)
  • Mental and Physical Health, and Overall Wellbeing (Counselors, COVID Info, Campus Recreation)
  • And so much more!

Amon continues to learn about our student body through text exchanges and also proactively engages with them regularly to keep them informed and connected throughout their time at WSSU.

How Does Amon Help Students?

Amon initiates conversations with students periodically to understand any issues that they are facing. From their sense of belonging to working a full-time job outside the classroom, these conversations aim to connect them to resources and staff members available at WSSU to help.

Amon also responds 24/7 to any student-initiated questions about WSSU. For example, "How do I apply for scholarships?" or "What are the hours of the counseling center?" Students can text Amon or find the chatbot on select pages within the website. 

Take Charge of Your Overall Well-Being

Amon will send an initial introductory "hello" text message to every new WSSU student. (Students may need to update their cell phone number in Banner in order to meet and chat with Amon.) Once that first text is received, add Amon to your contacts and feel free to ask Amon questions about WSSU any time! WSSU: Where your success leads the charge!