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Alvita Byers

Position: Program Specialist Department: Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center

Contact Info

Office: 115 S. Chestnut Street, PTCRC Bldg. Room 268 Phone: 336.761.5898 Fax: 336.761.2239


Alvita Byers currently works in the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center at Winston-Salem State University with 14 years of State experience and over 37-years of administrative experience. The highlight of her experience is the diverse range of cross-functional positions that she has held during her career with the State of North Carolina as Benefits Manager in Human Resources and Budget Manager. This has afforded her the understanding of the importance of creating a collaborative process to accomplish a common goal. Her current position requires expertise in diverse areas of our business practice as it relates to student-centered programs and laboratory research. She is well versed in implementing practical knowledge and policy/procedures to meet the center’s goals. As program specialist she wears many hats; all of which reach the world community to bring exposure to the university and the center concerning scholarship and research opportunities. She maintains the center’s budget which consists of 5 million in awarded grant and state funds. As the creative director, she specializes in many activities representing the center during university open-house; giving pertinent information to students and parents on programs offered at the BRIC, designing paraphernalia to enhance exposure of the student-centered programs, along with promotional ads and an annual departmental newsletter. She is the department website administrator and a Notary Public.

Educational Background

  • Winston-Salem State University