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Tennille D. Presley

Position: Assistant Professor of Physics Department: Chemistry

Contact Info

Office: 141 F.L. Atkins Annex Phone: 336-750-3202 Fax: 336-750-2549


Dr. Presley is an Assistant Professor of Physics in the Department of Chemistry at Winston-Salem State University. Her research focus is to provide a better understanding of contributing factors to vascular dysfunction and blood disorders (such as nitric oxide and heat shock proteins) as they relate to overall functional health in diabetic individuals in the African American population. Currently, she is studying the influence of heat treatment on hyperglycemia and how this effect contributes to changes in the availability of nitric oxide and the fragility of hyperglycemic red blood cells. Furthermore, she intends to explore mechanisms to enhance the interaction of heat shock proteins and nitric oxide in diabetic individuals through diet manipulation and exercise. Dr. Presley is also interested in examining biomarkers of diabetes to augment earlier detection of the disease and investigate how various biomarkers may differ in African Americans in comparison to other populations where diabetes is not as prevalent.

Educational Background

  • Post-Doctoral Training, Physics & Translational Science, 2007-2010, Wake Forest University
  • PhD, Biophysics, 2007, The Ohio State University
  • BS, Interdisciplinary Physics, 2002, North Carolina A & T State University