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Mold Prevention

Prevent Mold in Your Residence

North Carolina has high humidity levels throughout much of the year. High humidity coupled with incorrectly-set thermostats can cause moisture to condense inside the residence halls and create an environment that can foster mold and mildew growth.

How to Prevent Mold

Keep Your Space Clean

  • Keep you room, suite, apartment clean at all times by removing garbage daily and taking it to the dumpster.
  • Tidy up. Vacuum your floors, wipe down counters and other surfaces, and clean up spills right away.
  • Do not use foam mattress pads on your bed as they do not allow air to circulate between the pad and the mattress.
  • Place damp towels or wet clothes on a drying rack until completely dry.
  • Never allow water to sit on soft surfaces such as carpets, towels, and sheets for long periods of time.

Keep the Air Circulating

  • Set your thermostat accordingly. During the summer months never set thermostats below 72 degrees. During winter months never set thermostats above 68 degrees.
  • Do not open windows while air conditioning or heating unit is in use. This will cause condensation and could contribute to mold growth. 
  • Do not place furniture or any items in front of the cooling and heating unit that can block air flow.
  • Do not prop exterior doors open.
  • Keep windows closed.  
  • Keep the fan in your bathroom running while you are showering and for 10 minutes after the last shower is taken.
Report Problems Immediately

Report any maintenance issues immediately.  This can include such as dripping faucets, wet carpets, ceiling leaks, leaks behind a toilet or sink, or drips heard behind air conditioning vents.  Submit your maintenance request using a Mainsaver ticket.

Tips for People with Allergies

Many people in North Carolina suffer from allergies.  The Winston-Salem State University campus is quite beautiful because of all of the trees, but this can cause allergy issues for people who are sensitive to pollen.

People are especially susceptible to allergies during the spring and fall.  If you are having allergy concerns please seek the assistance of A.H. Ray Student Wellness Center or your health care provider.   

Here are some suggestions to cope with allergies:
  • Take your meds. If you have been prescribed medication to reduce your sensitivity to allergens, be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor and/or medical personnel.
  • Track the pollen. You can track the pollen count in Winston-Salem by visiting Plan to stay indoors as much as possible on the days when pollen counts are high.
  • Keep windows and exterior doors closed. This will greatly reduce the number of allergens coming into your residence hall or apartment.
  • Make sure to vacuum and dust regularly.
  • Keep your book bag and outdoor clothing off of your bed. Placing them there can make allergens spread to your sleeping area.