What is Theme Housing?

Theme Housing options are formed around an issue or activity in which the residents have a common interest. These community options enrich the experience for our students encouraging for them shared experiences specific to their interests. Being a part of a community of learners helps each individual be more successful.

Why Participate?

Your Resident Advisor and Hall Director will plan events throughout the year related to your Theme community topic. The wide range of social and educational events offered enhances the academic experience and provide opportunities for community development. Research shows students who get involved in Theme Housing are more likely to:

Stay in college ♦ Earn a higher GPA
Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with the overall college experience

Your on-campus experience will be shaped by the living-learning community you choose. In your Theme Housing, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests—ensuring you will make fast friends. You will gain valuable experience and preparation to be a student leader on campus.