1. Follow all local, state, federal, and international laws
  2. Follow all WSSU policies
  3. Follow directions of University Officials
  4. Avoid taking "justice" in your own hands:
    1. Report grievances to Police, Faculty, and/or Staff for assistance
    2. When in doubt, call Office of Student Conduct at 336-750-3356 for assistance.
  5. Follow established grievance procedures
    1. Student Issues: Mediation via Office of Student Conduct 336-750-3463
    2. Faculty and Staff Issues: Contact your supervisor
    3. Violence, threat of violence, theft or damage to personal property: Contact University Campus Police at 336-750-2911
  6. Read university emails regularly. The method of communication on the campus of WSSU is through the wssu.edu email accounts. Not reading your email is not a justifiable reason for not attending a scheduled Pre-hearing Conference from the Office of Student Conduct.
  7. Always be respectful