"The Renaissance Minority Male Mentoring Program has helped mold me as a man and see life in a different way. The program has provided me with all of the resources and tools that a man, especially a minority male, needs to maximize their true potential as a leader and vital contributor in the classroom, the community, and in the workplace. The brotherhood and the support I found within this program is priceless and I wouldn’t trade my experience as a Renaissance Man for anything in the world. It made Winston-Salem State University my home away from home. I love this program and I always will. I am a Renaissance Man."

Jonathan J. Jones
Kinston, NC
Sports Management Major,
Class of 2017

"Since entering into the program, I have been offered many opportunities to advance myself as a scholar, a professional, and a minority male on the campus of WSSU. I am pleased to say that because of the efforts of this program and the mentors it has provided me with, I am well on my way to having the tools necessary to be the most competitive job-seeker upon my graduation. Along with giving to me, the Renaissance Program makes it a point for its members to understand the importance of giving back. From community service efforts to allowing peer-to-peer mentoring within the program, I have been exposed to true service and selflessness. I am grateful for these things, and I welcome the responsibility of continuing the work to advance this Kingdom of Renaissance Men!"

Eric Johnson
SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs
Greensboro, NC
Business Administrations · Class of 2017

"This organization has made a big impact on me in ways that can’t be explained. This organization has opened up so many opportunities with mentors, academics, etc. By being a part of this organization it has pushed me pass my limits and has made me get out of my comfort zone. I have a passion for this organization and I love it with a great amount of respect. Renaissance is one of the reasons why I am still a Ram and I didn’t leave to go to another institution. I respect the Renaissance Minority Male Mentoring Program with all my heart."

Brian Rosa
Elizabeth City, NC
Therapeutic Recreation · Class of 2018

"Being a Renaissance Scholar coming into college gave me the necessary pressure to maintain my high academic standard. I’m always personally hard on myself when it comes to my academia and having Renaissance give me that added pressure that I needed, helped me tremendously. Attending operas and cultural events are things I wasn’t generally accustomed to doing but, Renaissance afforded me the opportunity to be a more open-minded person. Having upperclassmen in the program to look up to and model their success is something that you don’t get everywhere. Having them available to hang with and talk to and not feel intimidated by the person they are is something Renaissance has giving me that is priceless. This program is something I was always have pride in and will forever love and remember."

Tyree Hooks,
Goldsboro, NC
Accounting · Class of 2018

"The Renaissance Minority Male Mentoring Program has molded me into a well-rounded gentleman, servant leader, and mentor. Since joining the program my freshman year, I have been able to form a brotherhood with different men from various backgrounds and experiences. Through the support of the program, I have been able to step outside of my comfort zone and take on new challenges and opportunities such as being Mr. Winston-Salem State University, 2015-16. I wouldn’t be the man that I am today if it wasn’t for the program and it brings much joy to my heart seeing new members exceed the standard of what it means to be a Renaissance man! As the program continues to grow, let us never forget the true purpose behind its existence. We must strive to enhance the black male presence on campus, in the surrounding community, and society as a whole."

Rodie Lamb, Jr.
Royal Court Mr. WSSU
Beaufort, SC
Business Administration · Class of 2016

Being part of the Renaissance Program has changed my whole college experience. I wasn’t very active growing up, but this program has changed that completely. Renaissance has helped me with public speaking, provided me with community service opportunities, and excellent friends over my three years at WSSU. I don’t know what I would do with my free time if I was not a part of this program. I am so grateful to be a Renaissance Man."

Malik Black
Charlotte, NC
Art – Graphic Design · Class of 2017

"Through my matriculation to college, I leaned on my Renaissance brothers to help guide and also learn with me. Some of the problems I endured my first year my brothers were going through the same things. The conversations and events we held just exposed me to a broader perspective. The four well’s we stand for Well –Spoken, Well-Mannered, Well- Versed, and Well-Balanced are values that are sowed within me. This program is so special to me, because it enriches all the members to succeed. Academic readiness, exposure to cultural differences, being involved with the community, and or becoming a better leader are all objectives that this program helps you reach. These are the qualities that make the program important to me. 'One Brotherhood, In Constant Pursuit of Excellence!'”

Justin Bell
Kinston, NC
Management Information Systems  · Class of 2018

"Each man who has been a part of this program has contributed to its growth within and also on the great campus of Winston-Salem State University. Whether it be holding educational events or even simply meet and greets, this program has molded men into future leaders, future family men, and future working men. I am glad that I applied for Renaissance during my freshman year, it has been an amazing experience and I am excited for the future to come."

Lamar Smith
Hillsborough, NC
Sports Management Major · Class of 2017

"The Renaissance Minority Male Mentoring Program is a program that not only surrounds you with like minds, it also surrounds you with a diverse group of men who all want to see each other succeed. This program equipped me with the tools to excel in and outside of the classroom. Ultimately, if it was not for this program, I more than likely would not be as involved on campus or have the support system that this program has provided throughout my collegiate years. It gave me a brotherhood that provided a reality check when needed, a pat on the back, and an overall bond that African American males should have with each other. This program has impacted my life and helped me understand that the bigger picture is about wanting to see the success, growth, and maturation of your fellow brothers."

Noah Williamson
President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
Greensboro, NC
Justice Studies Major · Class of 2016

"When I first arrived at WSSU, I did not know many people, but through the Renaissance Program I have met brothers that will always be there for me. The program has helped me get involved in the community. It has also been a sense of pride to know that I am a black man making a difference. It also has taught me some smaller things like how to knot a tie, how to dress like a business man, different experiences like the opera, and just how to keep my grades as high as possible. I am very thankful for the Renaissance Program, because without it I do not know where I would be."

Elijah Milton
Greensboro, NC
Computer Science Major · Class of 2017

"The Renaissance Minority Male Mentoring program has changed my life in ways that I could not imagine. I went from being a young and insecure boy to a mature and confident leader. I had the honor to serve as a Vice President for this organization, implementing many initiatives for the betterment of the organization. The Renaissance program has given me a vast array of opportunities to develop my leadership skills and expand my personal network. Renaissance has taken me in and surrounded me with brothers that think just like me."

Jelani Braziel 
Vice President of NPHC
Charlotte, NC
Mass Communication · Class of 2017