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Do I need to come see you to register?

Registration for disability Services can begin on the university’s website. There is an electronic registration form and your licensed professional may fax documentation to this office. Students will need to meet with me after the receipt of all documents to go over all accommodation requests.

What type of documentation do I need?

A written narrative must be submitted on letterhead. Please be sure to include information specific to this student and not a generic statement concerning the diagnosis. This written report can be brief but must adequately support each accommodation recommended and must include:

  • What procedures were used to assess/diagnose the impairment (include test instruments, subtest scores, etc);
  • A full description of the current difficulties and functional limitations in an educational setting;
  • Information about how medication and/or other corrective measures may correct the impairment. Please include whether or not accommodations will be needed when utilizing medication or other corrective measures;
  • Activities or situations that should be avoided or would present a current significant risk of serious injury or death for this student or others;
  • Whether this student is currently a danger to himself / herself or others (Explain);
  • A clear and convincing rationale for each requested accommodation based on the degree of impact of the impairment and the resulting functional limitations.

Will all of my instructors know what my disability is?

All documentation is confidential and kept in the Office of Disability Services. No disclosure of specific disabilities from this office will occur. Faculty should refrain from asking students if they have a disability or the nature of their disability. The accommodations are listed on each letter.

How can I be sure that my instructors will be sympathetic to my needs?

All instructor are professionals and will adhere to the federal statutes that mandate they offer the reasonable accommodations that do not infringe upon the essential criteria of the course or the major.

What do I do if my instructor says I cannot have my accommodations?

Please contact the Office of Disability Services with any concerns about your specific accommodations.  Email anytime you have something you feel you need to convey.

Can you order hearing aids for me since I am hearing impaired?

Generally, the provision of personal services or personal aids, such as legal assistance, a personal assistant, assistance with personal matters, providing eyeglasses or personal hearing aids are not considered reasonable accommodations. The reasonableness of an accommodation is determined in light of the situation and circumstances of each request.

I know I have a medical disability but have been in remission for three years, do I still need to register with Disability Services?

Because accommodations are not retroactive, students should register at the beginning of each semester. Accommodations will be in place should there be a recurrence.

I am a faculty member with several health issues. How do I go about receiving accommodations?

All persons desirous of accommodations must first self-disclose to the appropriate person/office. For faculty and staff, disclosure to the EEO Officer would be the appropriate place. Supporting documentation from a licensed professional will be needed to complete the registration process.

I have a state handicap-parking placard. Why do I have to purchase a university-parking placard?

All students and employees, whether full-time or part time, must register vehicles driven on campus. A vehicle is considered registered ONLY when the permit is displayed.

Persons with disabilities that have registered with the Office of Disability Services and have obtained a state handicap placard in their name will be eligible to receive a WSSU handicap placard.

If I complete my registration form prior to the semester and my doctor waits to send my documentation until mid-term, can I still receive accommodations at the beginning of the semester?

Registration is considered complete when the electronic registration form is received, documentation from a licensed professional is received and a meeting with the coordinator of Disability Services has taken place.