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WSSU Standard Institutional Information

Sponsored Programs Tutorials

The tutorial outlines policies and procedures that are in compliance with federal and state laws and UNC policies; and to clarify submission procedures for external sponsored program funds. The tutorial provides information and serves as a resource and as a guide to assist faculty and staff in developing fundable proposals. Policies and procedures and forms which are needed to meet all are necessary requirements to submit a proposal is available in this manual.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) serves as the initial point of contact for all proposals and sponsored projects. Title III programs are handled through the Title III Office. Private corporate foundation/gifts are handled through the Office of Development for proposal other than research proposal.

All proposals must be submitted to the OSP no later than five (5) business days prior to the sponsor deadline. It is the responsibility of the OSP to obtain the signature(s) of the Provost (or her designee), and the Vice President of Business and Finance (if necessary) on all proposals and contracts.

General Information

OSP maintains a resource center, which is a library of resource materials on private, state and federal sponsors (numerous bulletins, newsletters, subscriptions, including the Grant Resource Center.

The Office of development will assist faculty and staff engaged in research studies with grants from foundations and governmental agencies (federal, state and local) with university data that is not research related.

Overview of Sponsored Programs Pre-Award

Proposed General Format

Most sponsoring agencies have specific format guidelines for preparing proposals, including the required forms, character size and type, header/footer formatting, biographical data, page numbering format and budget. You should always follow the agency guidelines and requirements in completing you proposal section. This information is provided to assist you in developing the different sections of the proposal with general examples of content for the most likely sections of a proposal. In the absence of such guidelines, the following format may be useful.