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As a concept, Electronic Research Administration (eRA) includes the electronic submission of proposals during the pre-award stage as well as the submission of reports during the post-award stage.

More information is available in the chapter on eRA in the OSP Policy and Procedure Manual.

As of March 2007, all Federal grantmaking agencies use as their proposal submission portal. Further information on the history of this initiative and its present status is at

Read the instructions on how to submit proposals/applications via

National Science Foundation (NSF) FastLane

FastLane is the National Science Foundation's (NSF) primary eRA tool. Until NSF has migrated its proposal submission functions completely to, proposers are required to use FastLane to submit proposals. Reports will continue to be required to be submitted via FastLane.

Read the instructions on how to submit proposals/applications via NSF FastLane.


For assistance with pre-award eRA functions, including proposal submission to any sponsor via electronic means, contact the Pre-Award Administrator.

For assistance with post-award eRA functions, contact the Post-Award Administrator.