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2017 Young Alumni Council 5k/10k Race

The third annual 5K/10K was held Saturday, April 8, 2017. The race was held on WSSU’s campus.

The 40 Under 40 Awards

The WSSU Office of Alumni Relations is recognizing WSSU's young alumni who have made significant contributions toward the betterment and uplift of their communities and beyond. The "40 Under 40 Awards" program seeks to identify alumni age 40 or younger who have demonstrated significant contributions in their respective fields. Nominees must meet the following conditions:

  • Must have graduated from WSSU and can demonstrate significant accomplishments in their respective field.
  • They must be 40 or younger.
  • The nominator must complete an electronic nomination and provide any supporting information as requested in the application process. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • Those chosen must attend the 40 Under 40 Awards Gala.

The Gala will be held on April 8th in the Piedmont 4 ballroom at the Benton Convention Center in Downtown Winston-Salem to celebrate the 2017 Honorees. For more information visit the 40 Under 40 Awards.

Young Alumni Council Challenge: “Add a Zero” and Make a Change

The Young Alumni Council is challenging you to make a change at WSSU. All you have to do is Add a Zero to how many years ago you graduated. If you graduated 10 years ago, Add a Zero and make a gift of $100. If you graduated 7 years ago, Add a Zero and make a gift of $70.

For example:

“I graduated with the Class of 2000. That was 16 years ago. Hey, let me add a zero and make a gift of $160.” Your gift will support student scholarships, academic programs, and the mission of WSSU. Simple equation=excellent benefits.

Are you ready?

Click Add a Zero to get started. Make sure to select "Add a Zero to It" in the description drop-down menu.