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First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) Program at Winston-Salem State University is designed to successfully transition First-Year students from high school to college, and provide them with a comprehensive, holistic experience that creates successful learners and competent citizens.

The goals of the First-Year Experience related to its mission are to:

  • Assist every First-Year student toward a successful transition from high school to college level academics and to promote academic success.
  • Encourage First-Year students to explore major and career possibilities.
  • Provide First-Year students with information about campus resources and opportunities available on campus, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Help First-Year students with organizational, interpersonal, and wellness skills.
The First-Year Experience will:

First-Year Rams will be empowered by enhanced knowledge about:

First-Year Rams will engage with:


First-Year Rams will explore:


  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Money management
  • Effective study strategies
  • Research
  • Goal setting
  • Career planning
  • Wellness practices










  • The newest classmates
  • Faculty, Staff and Administrators
  • Special activities that will increase knowledge about liberal education and social justice
  • Volunteer and service-learning projects that give an opportunity to engage with the local community









  • The five tenets of social justice: Diversity, Educational Equity, Health Equity, Community Empowerment, and Community Sustainability
  • Connections between social justice issues and the community
  • University policies and practices that will help them succeed
  • On- and off-campus activities like seminars, plays, movie nights, and service-learning projects
  • How to engage in active research and present findings in a professional presentation
  • Valuable tools to be used throughout collegiate life and beyond

FYE Events

Leslie Winbush - Director, Academic Student Experiences | 336-750-2138  |