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Lucy Mae Turner: A Forgotten Daughter of the New Negro RenaissanceDr. Tanya Walker
Dr. Tanya Walker

Like their male counterparts, many female writers such as Zora Neale Hurston and Georgia Douglas Johnson tackled subjects like lynching, socio-economic inequities, and sexual violence, subjects that consumed many black thinkers and other artists of their time. Yet, the women created their works to serve as platforms for emphasizing black women’s perspectives. This project addresses the issue of under-representation in the study of black women writers by compiling primary and secondary data and creating of a multimedia database for researchers and students. As a digital humanities project, this work reaches beyond traditional ways of researching authors and texts by blending the content of the English discipline with the innovation of technology to increase accessibility of the content.

STARTALK STEAM-Infused Chinese Summer Program
Dr. Wen  Xiong funded by Department of Defense National Security Agency through University of Maryland National Foreign Language Center (NFLC)

A three-week program for high school and college students in the Triad Piedmont Areas of North Carolina, STARTTALK by Dr. Wen Xiong, aims at providing national standard-based language and culture instruction to prepare the young generation for essential and critical language skills in the twenty-first century for an ever-changing world. It offers intensive Chinese language learning opportunities at the beginning and Intermediate levels with an enriched culture for literacy learning.