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Human Resources is available to discuss workplace issues with both employees and managers. We are available to assist in policy interpretation and help supervisors and employees to think through available options to address situations and approach work-related conversations. HR can also review drafts of written communication between employees and supervisors.

Facilitated Conversations

Our facilitated conversations program is provided as a means to assist management and staff in resolution of interpersonal and/or workplace disputes. The goal of these voluntary, structured conversations is to assist employees and managers to come to a mutually acceptable outcome. A facilitated conversation is distinct and separate from a formal mediation.


The Facilitated Conversations Program is accessible to all WSSU employees to address workplace issues.

  • Employee facilitated conversation requests: Agreement to participate by all parties involved is required in order for the facilitated conversation to occur.
  • Supervisor facilitated conversation requests: If request for a facilitated conversation for one or more employees (with or without the management presence), the employees are required to participate.

A completed Facilitated Conversation Request Form must submitted by the requesting party to Employee Relations indicating the parties involved and the nature of the issue. ER will contact the parties. If the request is accepted (if applicable), then ER will assign facilitator(s) and schedule a time and location for the meeting, generally within two weeks of the request. Some facilitation may require more than one meeting.

Upon request, ER will provide a summary of the facilitation to the parties involved.