Transfer Credits

How Transfer Credit is Applied

North Carolina Community College (NCCC) Students

WSSU offers a very flexible process for transferring credits from an NCCC for students awarded an AA or an AS degree. This flexibility allows you a variety of options in meeting the requirement for one course in each of our seven General Education Areas of Knowledge and to apply credits towards courses in the major, electives in the major, and prerequisites for the major.

If you hold an AAS or AFA degree or have not received a degree, this same flexibility is applied as we evaluate your transcript on a course-by-course basis.

Unofficial NCCC Transcript Evaluation

Conduct your own unofficial NCCC transcript evaluation.

WSSU offers a variety of majors for students transferring from a NC Community College.

If you have, or are pursuing, an Associate of Arts (AA) or Science (AS) degree we encourage you to use the links below to review how your community college credits will be applied at WSSU based on our academic majors and to review the WSSU and NC Community College Transfer Equivalencies and Areas of Knowledge. Please note that courses 'Required or Preferred by Major' are included.

AA - Associate in Arts

AAS - Associate in Applied Science

AS - Associate in Science

ND - No Degree