SGA President's Message

To my Ram Family,

I bring you greetings on behalf of each elected officer of the Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2017-2018 academic year. First, I want you all to know that every one of you comprise the SGA. We are your representatives but, you amplify our voices. We can do nothing and are nothing without the student body of Winston-Salem State University. We are so elated to be your Student Body Executive Officers for this academic year; it will be a wonderful experience full of joys and plenty of excitement but, not before hard work and dedication.

We are at a unique time in WSSU history, on the cusp of our 125th year in existence and operation this September, beginning to delve into familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar territory with a new brand refresh. We are the home to our newest facilities, Lowery Parking Lot and bridge. Additionally, we have overcome a small fright in SB-873, but have much more work to do in ensuring our institution remains out of such alarming conversations. Those are a nice heap of changes and adjustments to which we must adapt. Yet and still, we will indeed adapt and trample over any adversities that might emerge in our path because that, is what RAMS do.

In the midst of all of this change, we as students must remain vigilant. We must not be quick to rouse to anger or panic; but, we must be patient and informed. In this next chapter of the story that is Winston-Salem State University, we must ensure that the students remain in the forefront and in the present mind when decisions are made. That is the role of your SGA and that is what we intend to do. Working along side our core organizations in the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Campus Life Marketing Committee (CLMC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) & Council of Independent Greek Organizations (CIGO), as well as the Athletics Department, Housing & Residence Life and University Student Activities and Engagement (USAE), this year will be one for the books. We say all of this because, over the past few years, school spirit at WSSU has taken a unique course due to numerous environmental changes, most positive. Without any doubt, however, that the energy possessed by each student will flourish this year. Ram Pride is a must in everything that you do from academics, to the support of our athletic teams and most importantly the work in which you will engage, in the Winston-Salem community and abroad.

Understand that this year, we expect nothing but excellence from our Rams as we Elevate the Tradition. In return, we ask that you expect nothing but excellence from all of us. We cannot support you and be the appropriate voice for the students if you as students do not do these three things: (1) be a responsible student and fulfill your obligations in the classroom and elsewhere, (2) exude Ram Pride in every facet of your time here at WSSU and lastly, (3) hold us accountable as your student leaders. We are committed to you. It is our job to educate the students, faculty and staff and then in turn to advocate on your behalf; however, (I can't iterate this enough.) you must be engaged! Come to the Elevation (S.G.A.) Town Hall Meetings informed and with questions! Come by the SGA office with questions, concerns or simply to say hey! Support our athletes who work so hard to bring notoriety to our school by attending games, matches, meets, etc.! Be committed to making your university, your home.

Again, we have never been more proud to call Winston-Salem State University my home and soon to be my alma mater. The opportunity to work alongside wonderful student leaders and to represent our Ram Family will provide so many rewards. I cannot do this alone. My team cannot do this alone. We need you. You are as vital to us as the air we breathe. So let's work together to make Winston-Salem State University the greatest institution she could ever be.

The vision has been set for this year, now let’s make it reality.

In the Spirit of Ram Pride,

Hunter Administration
Executive Cabinet | Student Government Association, 2017-2018
Thompson Ctr Suite 305