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Annual Report 2016-2017

Dear Friends of WSSU,

For more than 125 years, Winston-Salem State University has provided a high-quality education to exceptionally promising students who may have otherwise been denied that opportunity. Historically Black colleges and universities like ours play a significant role in improving the social and economic mobility of generations of our graduates. At WSSU, we believe colleges and universities must take responsibility for ensuring that students receive access to the opportunities needed to prepare them for the demands of the 21st century. WSSU has wholeheartedly embraced this concept and accepted that responsibility.

What we do is so important. According to a Pew Charitable Trusts report, there is a 31 percent chance of living in poverty if you have not obtained a college degree versus a 5 percent chance if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Clearly, a higher education is of great economic importance. At WSSU, we are providing our students with an education that is of the highest quality — an education that transforms not only our students and their families, but also the future for our city, our state, and beyond. Our students are the next generation of scholars, entrepreneurs and leaders; our job is to prepare them to transform the world.

You play an important role in the success of this strategic vision. Your gifts allow us to provide scholarships to academically promising but financially needy students. Your generosity allows us to recruit the most talented faculty and staff to our campus. Your donations provide support for student programming, advising, and much more.

We gratefully acknowledge all the alumni, parents, friends and business partners who contributed to our important mission. What we are working toward is not possible without you. Thank you for all you have done to support WSSU.


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Elwood L. Robinson, Ph.D.