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IMC manages the university’s primary social media channels and provides guidance and support to departments/units that identify a need for more segmented channels.

If you think you might need your own channel, contact us to determine which types of social media tools make the most sense and to develop a strategy for using those tools to accomplish your objectives. 

Departments/units are responsible for developing, registering, and maintaining their own sites while complying with the WSSU Social Media Policy.

Get started with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Review the WSSU Social Media Policy.
  2. Submit the WSSU Social Media Brief form.
  3. Submit the WSSU Social Media Registration form.

When your approved social media site is ready for launch, IMC will link to it from university listings and will help promote it to the appropriate audiences. Your site administrators will become members of the WSSU Social Media Administrators group, which provides a number of resources to individuals who are managing official social media sites.


Tips for Handling Negative Posts

When you’ve developed a vibrant social media community, it’s inevitable that you’ll get some negative posts. Most of these posts, handled well, create an opportunity to strengthen your community by solving a problem or generating a good discussion. Some may require a team response. Here’s an overview of what to do.