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Web Content Strategy

Winston-Salem State University’s website is a crucial marketing tool. It promotes the competitive advantages of the university, is true to the university’s mission, maintains brand integrity, and supports the brand. This document provides the framework for how and why WSSU will deliver online content to achieve its specific goals. It is intended to be a useful resource for faculty and staff who are involved in developing content for any area of the university’s website as well as for administrators who make decisions impacting the university’s official online presence.



The WSSU website contains high level landing pages for each audience type, topical area, and marketable program. Most marketing campaigns are designed to drive the target audience directly to these landing pages where visitors can find relevant information and take further action. These pages may contain tracking code and pixels to aid in assessing the outcomes of specific campaigns. These landing pages are likely to be the first pages seen by our target audiences.

The following landing pages are owned, managed, and periodically reviewed by IMC. Content decisions are made based on feedback/metrics, IMC strategies, and the marketing plan for specific campaigns. Update requests must be made as part of an IMC campaign project, initiated by submitting a project Initiation Form.