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Compliance & Ethics Week

At Winston-Salem State University, we take immense pride in fostering a culture of integrity, accountability, and ethics. To further reinforce our commitment to these values, we are excited to announce "Compliance and Ethics Week 2023. This week-long initiative, which will take place from November 6-10, is dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of ethical conduct, internal reporting mechanisms, and announcing a new governing document framework. 

Compliance & Ethics Champion


Megan Edwards Collins

Megan Edwards-Collins

Employee Compliance & Ethics Champion
Paris Hall

Paris Hall

Student Compliance & Ethics Champion


While everyone could not be recognized as this year's winners, there were multiple honorable mentions:


Sabria Peoples

Robin Bilodeau

Angela Blue

Joanne Johnson

Rita Darby

 Wanda Little

 Tarsha Damon

Adenike Heyliger-Dawkins

Cory W. Billings

Quiteya Walker

Georgette Crawford-Crooks

Chelsea Warran

Core Principles



Get Faculty, Staff, and Students thinking about compliance and ethics.


Launching the Compliance & Ethics Champion and recognizing compliance efforts.


Demonstrate that all levels of the organization support a culture of compliance and ethics.