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RAMDITION Through the Archway Ceremony Appropriate Attire 

RAMDITION’s Through the Archway ceremony is a truly special event designed to instill a sense of pride, tradition, and accomplishment in the students who participate. 

It is an opportunity to celebrate the huge step that our newest students are taking in their lives, both into adulthood and into a new and exciting collegiate experience. This occasion will be witnessed by many proud parents, families and friends of our first-year students, and will be captured in pictures that will last a lifetime. 

As such, an appropriate level of decorum and professionalism is expected of the participating students. 

These photos show examples of appropriate student attire for this event. 

Women May Wear

  • Solid black knee-length dress
  • Black pantsuit or skirt suit 
  • Black dress pants 
  • White blouse 
  • Black dress shoes
  • WSSU will give women a decorative locket before the ceremony


Women wearing formal attire


Women wearing no jackets

Men May Wear

  • Solid black dress slacks
  • White long sleeve dress shirt appropriate for wearing a necktie
  • Black suit with white dress shirt 
  • Black dress shoes
  • WSSU will provide men with a red necktie before the ceremony 


Men wearing formal attire


Men wearing no jackets

Students May NOT Wear:

  • Denim
  • Athletic footwear
  • Inappropriately revealing clothing
  • Colors other than red, white, and black