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What Is Ramdition?

  • Ramdition is the new student orientation for new first-time freshmen, adult learners, and transfer students at Winston-Salem State University.
  • During Ramdition you will attend various educational sessions and fun events, which will equip you with the tools needed for an amazing year.

Benefits of Attending Ramdition

  • Build relationships with your peers and WSSU staff: Ramdition is an opportunity for you to start creating meaningful relationships with your peers, as well as WSSU faculty and staff.
  • Gain knowledge from your Legacy Leader: Your Legacy Leader is a junior or senior student who will be your “tour guide” during Ramdition. They can provide you with valuable information to help you navigate your time at WSSU.
  • Learn about WSSU and its resources: Ramdition supports you and introduces you to the unique community at Winston-Salem State University.
  • Transition to life on campus: Ramdition helps you transition to campus life while exposing you to diverse cultural backgrounds and environments.

What commitment and aspirations await me as I enter WSSU?

  • Winston-Salem State University is committed to fostering student success, to design campus operations that include equity, inclusion, and social innovation, expanding WSSU’s intellectual climate, striving for Institutional excellence and resource sustainability as stated in the 2030 WSSU Strategic Plan.