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Interpersonal Violence Prevention

The department of Interpersonal Violence Prevention (IVP) is dedicated to creating a safe and non-threatening environment for students on the campus of WSSU. The department of IVP provides services to students who are experiencing domestic violence, dating and violence, social media violence and other personal threats. It is our goal to foster healthy, stable and nurturing relationships through education, holistic student development and community resources.

The department will assist students with referrals to community based programs as well as our campus Wellness Center. WSSU’s campus Wellness Center provides medical care and counseling; fostering the goal of holistic student development. In addition, IVP provides workshops and trainings identifying abusive relationships, and creating and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.

The department of IVP offers:

  • Workshops/trainings
  • IVP literature
  • Community resources
  • Counseling services

Patricia Eaddy
Director, Interpersonal Violence Prevention
Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.