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Want to expand your horizons? We can help.

Seeing the world will open your perspective and help you make the most of your potential. With our support, you will:

  • Increase your understanding of other cultures.
  • Practice your language skills.
  • Become an active global citizen.

At the WSSU Office of International Programs, we work to provide U.S.-based WSSU students, WSSU employees and international students from other countries with the resources and knowledge you need to travel.

If you are a:

WSSU International Academic Programs

Our study abroad options offer you much more than a change of scene — they also expand and enrich your education. WSSU international academic programs have included:

  • An interdisciplinary seminar exploring identity and race in Brazil.
  • An experiential program with site visits, seminars and interactive discussions with scholars, activists and more in Cuba.
  • A partnership with the University of Western Cape in South Africa, in which WSSU students studied the differences in health inequity issues between our two countries.

Find out more about WSSU’s current options for international academic programs.

Reasons to Study Abroad

No matter what your dream job is, a WSSU study abroad program will support your success. Your experience abroad can help you stand out on applications for jobs and graduate schools. You’ll gain skills you can use in any profession, across every industry, including:

  • Improving your communication skills.
  • Opening your mind to see societies and individuals from a different point of view.
  • Learning a foreign language.

Traveling thousands of miles to study somewhere you’ve never been can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The WSSU Office of International Programs can help you find the perfect study abroad option for you.

Still have questions? We have answers in our FAQs about WSSU international programs for study abroad.

How the Office of International Programs Can Help

We will support your WSSU experience, from helping you get a driver’s license to finding legal employment opportunities. Find more information about maintaining your legal status in the U.S., Social Security cards and more here.

Explore Study Abroad

Expand your horizons, learn about new cultures, embrace a global perspective, and change your life.

Explore Studying Abroad

Explore Study Abroad

International Students @ WSSU

Being an International Student

International Students @ WSSU

Apply to Study @ WSSU

Study @ WSSU

Apply to Study @ WSSU

Faculty and Staff Programs

Faculty and Staff Programs

You can design your own faculty-led student trip abroad. We can help you explore opportunities with the Council on International Educational Exchange, the Fulbright Program and many more international education organizations.

Globalizing WSSU

Faculty and Staff Programs


Bringing the World to Winston-Salem

Our students count on us to prepare them for success. When we bring lessons from other cultures to our campus in Winston-Salem, we better equip our students to advance equity and justice on a global platform, with cultural context in mind.

Learn more about internationalizing your curriculum or developing collaborations with institutions abroad.

Taking WSSU Students Out Into the World

You — our WSSU faculty and staff — are the key to offering students a fulfilling study abroad experience. Your ingenuity, expertise and connections can spark life-changing international academic programs for our Ramily.

Have a great idea for a faculty-led study abroad program? Submit a proposal.

Interested in learning more about how you can internationalize WSSU? Discover other international program options for faculty and staff.

Take the Next Step

Ignite your passion for travel and #BeTheNext Ram to participate in a WSSU international program today.