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Midterm Assessment Plans

Midterm Assessment Plans, otherwise known as MAPs, provide instructors valuable input on how students are experiencing their learning in the classroom. It is ideal to schedule a MAP close to mid-semester to get the most from the session. The MAP will occur during the last 30 minutes of a class session. The faculty member is not allowed to be present in the classroom during the MAP session so that students feel they can speak freely.

How does this work?

  • Faculty contact CITI to schedule the MAP session.
  • Day and times are agreed upon, as well as any particular issues the instructor would like CITI to focus on during the MAP.
  • CITI schedules one or two faculty developers to conduct the MAP.
  • CITI arrives about 5 minutes before the agreed-upon time to conduct the MAP.
  • The instructor introduces the faculty developers and then leaves the classroom.
  • CITI facilitates discussion with the student on what works well, what doesn’t work well, and what suggestions they have for improvement.
  • Notes are taken through the process and compiled into a report that keeps the students’ comments anonymous and general. A report is sent to the instructor within two days and a follow-up meeting is scheduled to discuss the results.

To schedule a MAP, please use the below form. You can submit multiple times to request MAPS for various courses.

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