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The "concept" of governance in postsecondary education predominantly refers to the internal structure, organization and management of autonomous institutions.

This committee is therefore designed to

  • encourage participation of staff in the political process of the university,
  • to serve in an advocacy role for the betterment of the staff of WSSU, and
  • to communicate to the staff of the university regarding legislative issues impacting higher education employees, including issues from the state, university and UNC Staff Assembly

The Staff Senate Governance Committee shall confer with the Staff Senate Executive Committee through the appropriate legislative offices of the university about issues important to the mission of the Staff Senate and the university as a whole.

Additionally, the committee shall serve as a resource for Staff Senate on questions and concerns relating to the bylaws and/or parliamentary procedures.

  • The committee shall review all Staff Senate constitutions, bylaws and procedures, when adopted and/or amended for conflict or inconsistency with WSSU Staff Senate and UNC Staff Assembly governance and advise the Staff Senate on resolving identified conflicts.
  • The committee shall request the Executive Committee action when necessary to bring Staff Senate documents and procedures into conformity with stated parliamentary procedures.
  • The committee shall advise the Staff Senate of changes to the bylaws that may require action of the WSSU Staff Senate to avoid conflict or inconsistency in Governance of the State.

The Governance committee is open to all permanent staff to join. Each campus has three representatives, who serve as delegates at Staff Assembly. WSSU’s delegates are current president, president-elect and third delegate is elected by campus at large. The rationale for elected third delegate is to allow staff to be exposed to what staff assembly does. Contact the Committee chair for more information.


Leslie Winbush
Quentin Gunter
Tarina A. Whitfield

UNC Delegate Reports

WSSU Governance Committee