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Staff Senate

On behalf of the Winston-Salem State University Staff Senate Executive Board and the WSSU family, we welcome you to Ram Country! We encourage you to take an active role in the organization.

The mission of the organization is to provide an opportunity for all staff members at Winston-Salem State University to have an interactive role in defining and maintaining a workplace that encourages input from all staff in creating a harmonious environment in which to work, while collaboratively supporting the university's quest to provide a "premiere education" for its students.

The Staff Senate seeks to enhance the visibility of the organization and make it a vital and recognized organization for its SHRA and EHRA non-faculty members. With this purpose, we seek to:

  • Stimulate a positive and supportive esprit de corps among staff;
  • Establish a forum whereby staff can engage in an interactive dialogue with the Chancellor and/or chief administrators of the university to exchange ideas, express views, and make inquiries and/or suggestions for the improvement of working relations and environment at Winston-Salem State University;
  • Keep staff abreast of issues that impact their respective jobs and workplace;
  • Develop a network of diverse and talented employees organized to establish and support activities that foster professional growth and development as well as recognize the interests, contributions, and potential of all staff employees; and
  • Assist in developing and implementing a variety of perpetual on-the-job training opportunities designed to enhance the skills and techniques of staff dedicated to directly influencing the long-term health and vibrancy of our community. 

Employee of the Month

Shannon Cannon

Shannon Cannon

"Sharon Cannon title is HR Consultant, and her job duties are compensation and classification. When our department was downsized Sharon took initiative to learn People Admin Performance Management, she would answer front desk calls when in the office, she was always available to ask questions and even when she did not know we would research together and then she would communicate to team the findings. She has received several Kudos from other departments stating their satisfaction with her customer service. Sharon Cannon is constantly sharing ways to save time and money for our department. She works after ours I just received an email today at 6:00am that I was copied for a request that come through after hours yesterday and she completed that request so the managers impacted would have their answer when they logged in the next morning. Can I say Wow!

- Sharon Hill

Who's a Ram

Linwood Skinner

Linwood Skinner 

Please watch his interview on our Microsoft Stream Channel!