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FOCUS2 is an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system.

FOCUS 2 CAREER engages and guides you, intuitively, through career & education decision making to help you choose majors offered at WSSU, explore occupations & make informed career decisions. The cutting edge design will reliably help you plan for and achieve career success throughout your lifetime.

To fully engage with the FOCUS2 system, please take a moment to view the following:

How to Setup Your FOCUS2 ACCOUNT and Log In: 

You will need to enter WSSU Career Development Services access code (wssurams) to register. 

New Users

  • Create your account by linking to the Winston-Salem State University FOCUS2 self-registration page: 
  • Enter WSSU Career Development Services access code (wssurams) to register. 
  • For additional assistance, please feel free to contact: 

Returning Users

Log back into your FOCUS2 account at any time.

 Access the Winston-Salem State University FOCUS2 login page.

Using FOCUS2

FOCUS2 is designed to walk you through the beginning steps of your career planning process. You can review any parts of the system at any stage in your process.

  • My Career Planning Readiness

A self-assessment tool that helps you determine where you stand on the path of your career 

  • My Academic Strengths

A self-assessment tool that helps you determine where your academic strengths and weakness exist. Recognizing your academic strengths will bring you one step closer to pursuing a satisfying area of study and career path. 

  • Self- Assessment

Used to help you learn more about how your personality, skills, values and what you enjoy doing in your free time which can lead to your career path. The following are under the Self-Assessment:

    • Work Interest: will identify occupations and tasks you most enjoy 
    • Personality: matches your personality type to compatible occupations 
    • Skills: identify occupations that match your profile 
    • Values: identify occupations that are compatible with your work values 
    • Leisure Interest: identify occupations that provide opportunities and activities compatible with your leisure preference 
    • Combine: the results from the assessments and give a table of the top careers that best suit student’s answers 
  • Explore the Possibilities

Used to help students browse different career and occupations. The following are under “Explore the Possibilities:

1. What can I do with a major offered at WSSU? 
2. Explore any Area of Study 
3. Explore any Occupation 
4. Explore Occupation by Job Family 
5. Compare 2 Occupations Side by Side 

  • Take Action

Assist you by organizing your educational and professional development activities in preparation for resume creation, graduate school applications, and/or job search activities.  

  • Education and Planning Results

Keeps track and produce a summary of your saved career preferences and assessment results. The following is under My Career and Education Planning Results: 

    • My Saved Occupations 
    • My Saved Majors 
    • Review and Print My Portfolio

Understanding My FOCUS2 Results 

The best way to understand your results is to meet with a career advisor on campus. Career advisors in Winston-Salem state University Career Development Services office can assist you with understanding the information you have learned.