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About Us


The Mission of Housing and Residence Life at WSSU is to provide a Residential Experience that fosters a holistic-learning atmosphere which challenges a community of diverse scholars while encouraging collaboration, accountability, responsibility, service, and leadership preparing our students to engage in the global community.

Instrumental to the success of our mission is to provide:

  • Safe, Secure, and Comfortable living conditions which are conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence
  • Programs that address cultural, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual development of our students
  • Technology that enhances intellectual pursuits and student success
  • An Awareness of the benefits and needs associated with community living


Winston-Salem State University residence halls operate on a "living and learning" concept. Here, students are challenged to improve interpersonal relationship skills. Students are also challenged to live peacefully and to interact with others from different cultural, regional, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our students enjoy a healthy range of adult freedom while carrying out their responsibilities at Winston-Salem State University.

We believe that:

  • Service to the students at Winston-Salem State University is our highest priority. We serve by preparing our students to be tomorrow's leaders.
  • Winston-Salem State University is committed to excellence, embracing those programs and activities that we can deliver at an exemplary level.
  • A community of learners and scholars is built around high expectations. We expect all members to use their unique talents to make WSSU a better place.