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Student Learning Outcomes

In April 2023, the WSSU Faculty voted to update the General Education Student Learning Outcomes. The update reduces the number of learning outcomes to four (4) and introduces two new outcomes to the curriculum. The following outcomes will be the focus of General Education assessment beginning in Fall 2024: 1) Data Fluency, 2) Oral Communication, 3) Problem Solving, and 4) Written Communication using the corresponding General Education Student Learning Outcome rubrics.

Data Collection for WSSU Student Learning Outcomes

Per the August 2023 Memorandum from the Provost, WSSU will assess the following outcomes during the 2023 – 2024 academic year: (1) Oral Communication, (2) Written Communication, and (3) Critical Reading. Data for courses and co-curricular activities mapped to a WSSU student learning outcome are submitted online.

Each semester, instructors who teach courses mapped to an institutional learning outcome are expected to apply the corresponding SLO rubric to a course assignment/artifact/activity. Instructors then report course section-level rubric data through an online portal. Co-curricular activities mapped to institutional learning outcomes are also invited to participate in these assessment processes.



Student Learning Outcomes for Degree Programs

A list of degree programs and corresponding student learning outcomes can be found in the Winston-Salem State University academic catalogs. Programs track their program-level outcomes through an online assessment management system.

Data for program-level outcomes can be accessed internally. Please contact the Office of Institutional Assessment and Research at or 336-750-8036 for additional information.