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For Faculty/Staff

The Office of Student Success Collaborative

Welcome to the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) Office at Winston-Salem State University.

The SSC is here to empower our students and enhance their academic journey through data-driven strategies and collaborative initiatives.

Our mission is to provide valuable insights and resources to faculty, staff, and students, fostering a culture of excellence, persistence, and achievement.

Join us in our commitment to student success through innovative support and collaboration.

Services for Faculty and Staff

The Student Success Collaborative is dedicated to empowering faculty and staff with training and tools to help our students succeed. We offer the following services and support:


Providing guidance and data reports to conceptualize new projects.

Creating Initiatives

We can help you create initiatives to improve student engagement.

Ongoing Training

We offer ongoing training and professional development on student success data tools.

Breaking Down Silos

We are dedicated to breaking down silos so that all areas of the university work more efficiently toward the objectives of student success.

Leveraging Data to Help Students

The SSC align with the university's strategic plan by fostering a culture of student excellence, persistence, retention, and achievement.

With a focus on personalized guidance, data-driven interventions, and holistic training and support, we are committed to enhancing student outcomes, namely retention, promoting equity, and nurturing a sense of belonging.

Through collaboration across campus with professional units, we empower our diverse student body to excel academically, grow personally, and contribute to their communities, ensuring they are prepared for success.

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