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Funding Agencies

The Funding Agencies below is a collection of databases and other extramural resources used to help WSSU faculty and staff identify and apply for external funding opportunities. These databases provide alerts to specific funding opportunities, guidelines for preparing proposals, access to potential collaborators and mentors, as well as opportunities to implement research projects through business and industry partnerships.

Limited Submissions Funding Opportunities

Limited submissions are funding opportunities where sponsor agencies restrict the number of research proposals and other funding awards that a single institution can submit for a particular funding announcement. To ensure that WSSU submits highly competitive proposals to gain a competitive edge as well as increase the likelihood of success, an internal limited submissions proposal competition is conducted to determine which proposals will be submitted by the University.

To be considered for a limited submissions opportunity, interested principal investigators (PI) and/or program directors (PD) must participate in the limited submissions proposal development process, which includes submitting an Internal Notice of Intent (INOI) and a project summary to the Office of Sponsored (OSP). A full description of this process and a listing of the limited submission opportunities can found below.

If you need assistance using any of these tools, contact Vernon Shanks or call at (336) 750-3019.


Funding Agencies