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WSSU Standard Institutional Information

Applicant Name or Organization: Winston-Salem State University

Official Applicant Address:

Winston-Salem State University
601 South Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27110-0001

To notify WSSU of an award, mail WSSU official correspondence regarding a sponsored program, or send WSSU OSP official correspondence via overnight courier, please use the information below:

Arnita Hill, Post-Award Administrator
Office of Sponsored Programs
Winston-Salem State University
601 South Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive
C125 Anderson Center
Winston-Salem, NC 27110-0001

336-750-3211 (p)
336-750-2412 (f)

County, Congressional District:

Forsyth County
5th Congressional District of North Carolina
(represented in application packages as NC-005)

Official Authorized to Sign for Winston-Salem State University:

Dr. Erin Lynch, CRA
Associate Provost of Scholarship, Research, and Innovation (CRO)
Winston-Salem State University
601 South Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive
C117 Anderson Center
Winston-Salem, NC 27110-0001

336-750-2413 (p)
336-750-2412 (f)

Elwood L. Robinson

Note: The majority of the proposals submitted and awards received will be signed by the Chancellor's designee.

Business Official or Financial Officer:

Barbara Waller, Director
Office of Contracts and Grants
Winston-Salem State University
601 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
209 Eller Hall
Winston-Salem, NC 27110

Cognizant Audit Agency

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
1301 Young Street, room 732
Dallas, Texas 75202

Theodore Foster

Organizational Codes:
Description Code
IRS Entity Identification Number:
DUNS Number:
Commercial and Government Entity (Cage Code):
PHS Approved Animal Welfare Assurance Identification Number:
Federal-wide Assurance Number:
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Registration Number:
Institutional (IORG) Identifier Number:

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits must be calculated appropriately in all proposals in accordance with the following rates:

1810 – Social Security (FICA) – 7.65%
1820 – State Retirement – 18.86%
1830 – Health Insurance –$5,192.00
1870 – Optional Retirement – 13.25%
1880 - Law Officers Retirement - 5.00%

* Optional Retirement does not apply to SHRA Employees.
** Fringe benefits collectively are calculated at an average of 33% unless the sponsor requests that the
items above be represented by line item.

Please use only the retirement rate that applies to the plan that you have. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Vernon Shanks, Associate Director, at or 336-750-3019.

Tax Exempt Status

Winston-Salem State University is tax exempt but is not a 501(c)(3) organization.

If your intended sponsor requires proof of WSSU's tax exempt status, please provide them the official memorandum stating how and why WSSU is tax exempt.

However, if your intended sponsor requires an applicant organization to have 501(c)(3) status, you will need to submit the application through the Winston-Salem State University Foundation.