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Finance & Administration

The Division of Finance and Administration is a team of professionals committed to the delivery of innovative, effective and efficient customer services while maintaining fiscal integrity.

We exist to provide campus wide administrative and fiscal services in support of the university's primary mission of instruction, research, and public service. The functions of recording financial transactions, safeguarding physical and financial assets, allocation of resources, human resources services, procurement and delivery of basic university services are handled by the division. This is accomplished through the departments of: Financial Services, Budget and Analysis, Business Services, Contracts and Grants, Facilities Management, Purchasing, along with appropriate financial and administrative systems.

The division's operations are guided by policies and procedures developed in accordance with the University of North Carolina General Administration, State of North Carolina, and federal policies and procedures. The division provides financial information to WSSU senior leaders, UNC General Administration, external supporters and the Board of Trustees to ensure compliance and informed decision making.

Let Us Hear Your Voice!

We invite your participation in the budgeting process for the University. The University Savings and Revenue Generation Survey provides the opportunity to share your thoughts about potential savings in campus operations and revenue generation to help the University through this period of austerity.


Financial Services

Financial Services consists of two functional areas: Accounting operations that includes Disbursement Services, Student Accounts, Purchasing and Payroll; and Financial Reporting which consists of General Ledger, State Funds Accounting, Capital Improvement Accounting, Trust Funds Accounting, Endowment Accounting, Debt Service Accounting, Fixed Assets Accounting, and fiscal reporting.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts & Cashiering provides all financial management and accounting for university students, which includes billing student tuition and fees, processing payments for tuition and fees, processing adjustments on accounts and issuing disbursements.

Budget & Analysis

The Department of Budget and Analysis provides institutional support by translating the institution's on going operational needs, strategic goals and objectives into an itemized and authorized fiscal plan for university operation.

Contracts & Grants

Contracts and Grants provides assistance with the fiscal matters dealing with federal and non-federal funds for sponsored research, training, and public service project administration. This includes providing budgetary advice during proposal preparation, as well as the financial management of the funds awarded to the University to ensure compliance with direct and indirect cost.

Business & Auxiliary Services

Business & Auxiliary Services are committed to providing its university stakeholders with economically priced services and products.


Facilities Management will design, build and manage the facilities and infrastructure that support innovative teaching and learning practices, expanded basic and applied research, and the University’s commitment to community engagement.

human resources

Human Resources

Human Resources exist to provide value-added, comprehensive, customer-friendly human resources services. HR supports the university's strategic goal of providing efficient and effective systems, serving as steward of its physical, financial and human resources, and continuously improving its processes, procedures, and organizational structure.